Comprehensive Lighting Solutions from Focus On Energy

May 30, 2020: Comprehensive Lighting Solutions (CLS) from FOCUS ON ENERGY® aims to help customers optimize light levels while maximizing energy savings. Whether it be fixture upgrades, a complete lighting redesign, or integrating connected controls, Lighting Design Solutions and Focus on Energy are here to help put you on the path to savings. 

The Comprehensive Lighting Solutions plan offers two unique ways to save:

  1. Fixture and/or Retrofit Upgrades – $0.25 per watt reduced
    • Eligible for interior fixtures only
    • One-for-one fixture/retrofit replacements are not eligible
    • New fixtures/retrofit kits must be ENERGY STAR® certified or DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) SSL QPL listed (TRT V4.4 or higher).
  2. Fixture or Retrofit Kit/Lamp Upgrade with Connected Controls – $0.45 – $0.50 per watt reduced
    • Eligible for Interior and exterior systems
    • Eligible for fixtures, retrofit kits or lamps with connected controls.
    • Control systems must be DLC NLC QPL listed (TRT V4.0 or higher)

Lighting Design Solutions is a Focus On Energy Trade Ally and we can guide you through every step, including the required pre-approval process (see the form at ) To get started on your next project, visit or (better yet!) call LDS at 888.357-7070. We’ll make it simple.

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