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"Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) – Frequently Asked Questions"


    Comparison between LED and High Pressure Sodium lighting.

    LED Lighting For Municipalities

    Improve safety. Slash operational costs. Earn Rebates. The Covid-19 Pandemic has slowed business, traffic, and life all over our country. But soon the public will be re-discovering life outside of their homes with fresh eyes and a renewed focus on personal and environmental safety. If you haven’t made the switch to LED lighting yet, consider…


    Disinfecting with GUV Simplified: Focus on Dosage, Duration, and Danger

    January 14, 2021 Author: David P. Drumel, P.E. Images courtesy of IES. There has been a substantial level of excitement in the industry and in the news about the potential of GUV (Germicidal Ultra-Violet) to help in the fight against Coronavirus.  The concept isn’t new; it has been in use for 75 years for Tuberculosis…


    Keeping Score With A Covid-Conscious Indoor Quality Rating System

    Designing Lighting magazine, Dec. 2020. By: Beatrice Witzgall. As the season for outdoor gatherings quickly draws to a close, people may again consider gathering indoors — despite the risk. So how do we avoid another global outbreak and lockdown? As an architect and technology entrepreneur, I asked myself: What would help me feel comfortable going…


    Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Germicidal Devices: What Consumers Need to Know

    Consumer UVC germicidal devices are entering the market rapidly because of an increased demand for sanitizing and germicidal capabilities in the face of COVID-19. But are they all safe? UVC radiation (the most energetic in the UV spectrum; 180nm to 280 nm) is proven to have sanitizing and germicidal effects, and first proof of effectiveness…


    Why the Stars are Disappearing

    During LA power outages, concerned callers were reporting strange new things in the sky. (Spoiler: It was the Milky Way.)


    Tribute In Light’s Beams Turned Off Three Times Because Of Migrating Birds

    LDS proudly presents this piece as an example of the lighting community’s ongoing work to provide solutions that serve both mankind and the environment. BY JEN CHUNG SEPT. 12, 2017 11:09 A.M. The annual return of the Tribute in Light to mark the September 11th attacks’ anniversary also means that birds flying above and around New York City…


    Frustrated with VE?

    As a designer, it is your responsibility to ensure the lighting is the best it can be.  You put a lot of effort into researching the optimal products to achieve your goals only to have your design undermined by someone in the VE process who has no idea what your goals were in the first…


    Working From Home? Improve Your Productivity and Sleep with Better Lighting!

    Aug 26, 2020-On the down side, working from home might mean that you miss the water cooler conversations about the big game or the free cake in the lunch room to celebrate birthdays. But working from home has many advantages, including more control over your environment than you had at the office. See the guide…


    Where is GUV Headed? Lighting Professionals Provide Their Insight

    News from the Lighting Research CenterRensselaer Polytechnic Institute ,Troy, N.Y. –  7/27/2020 The present pandemic crisis has raised the profile of ultraviolet (UV) technologies designed to provide disinfection in a variety of buildings, including hospitals, long term care facilities, food service establishments, and offices. While some UV technologies are mature, several new technologies are not. In…


    1-2-3: The Reasons Municipalities Must Replace outdated Lighting with LED Technology

    July 28, 2020: Courtesy of Holophane Lighting There are many benefits of upgrading existing lighting to LED. New advanced control systems can provide platforms to unify many systems, extended product life can reduce outages and accidents, and maintenance savings can create even bigger savings. But there are three reasons that stand above the rest!


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